What to Do When You Need Emergency Heating Service in Tamaqua

Winter weather is right around the corner, and with it comes freezing rain, sleet, snow, and extra cold temperatures. Knowing your heating system is running steadily and smoothly is super important! But what do you do if it suddenly stops working? Use this helpful checklist to troubleshoot your boiler or furnace if you experience a no-heat situation so that you can determine if you can resolve the issue at home, and if you need support, our team is here to help.

Hollenbach Home Comfort Services is pleased to offer emergency heating service to our customers in Greater Tamaqua, PA through our sister company, Jay Hollenbach Jr. Plumbing and Heating. You know and trust us for reliable, professional fuel delivery and you can expect the same high quality of service and care from Jay Hollenbach Jr. Plumbing and Heating for your heating repair needs.

Follow this Checklist if Your Heat Stops Working

1. Ensure that your thermostat settings are correct and that the batteries are fresh.

Double check that your thermostat has batteries and has the function set to “auto” or “heat.” The thermostat will also need to be set above the current temperature of the home.

2. Check that no breakers are tripped and that all emergency switches are on.

Sometimes, electrical issues happen, and breakers are tripped for safety. Ensure that your furnace or boiler’s breaker is on. Red emergency switches should also be on—these can most often be found at the top of your basement stairs and on your heating unit itself.

3. Verify that you have fuel by checking your tank gauge.

Your oil tank has a small round sight glass that houses the tank gauge. Check to ensure that you have at least 1/3 of a tank full. If not, call Hollenbach immediately to request a fuel delivery.

4. Press your heating system’s red reset button ONE TIME ONLY.

You should see a reset button on the side of your home heating system, whether it’s a furnace or a boiler. Press it one time only to see if your furnace or boiler can be reset. If you press it once and it doesn’t work, it’s time to call a professional.

5. Still no heat? Call our sister company, Jay Hollenbach Jr. Plumbing and Heating, at (570) 668-1428.

Our heating oil customers can call for emergency heating service any time, day or night. Call (570) 668-1428 and someone will be sent your property to assist you shortly.

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Reduce Your Risk of a Heat-Out Emergency

There are a few things you can do to prevent a no-heat emergency. First, is keeping an eye on your fuel tank. Ordering heating oil before your tank reaches 1/3 full will allow plenty of time for a delivery to be made before your levels get close to empty. Want even more peace of mind? Hollenbach Home Comfort Services offers automatic oil delivery at no additional cost!

Second, schedule an annual tune-up for your heating system each fall. Hollenbach Home Comfort Services offers an annual furnace and boiler efficiency tune-ups through our sister company, Jay Hollenbach Jr. Plumbing and Heating as well. During your annual tune-up, their trained service team can identify any minor issues and minimize the risk of a major breakdown in the middle of the winter.

If you need assistance with your heating system right away, please call (570) 668-1428.