4 Major Signs You Might Need an Oil Tank Replacement in PA

If you have a heating oil tank on your home’s property, great for you! You’ve taken considerable steps to ensure that you have safe, reliable heat during colder months. But, we all know that nothing lasts forever. At some point, you’re going to need to replace your heating oil tank. And it’s going to be up to you to know when an oil tank replacement is going to be needed for your Greater Tamaqua home. Luckily, our team at Hollenbach Home Comfort Services is here to break down 4 major signs to look for to see if you need an oil tank replacement. Read on to learn what to look out for, and contact us today for a quote on replacing your heating oil tank.

4 Signs You Need An Oil Tank Replacement

Obvious Signs of Tank Damage

It’s good practice to do routine inspections of the outside of your oil tank – especially when it starts to get colder outside. However, it should be noted that you can only make these inspections if the tank is located above ground. Visible signs of tank damage you should be on the lookout for include discoloration, corrosion, rust on the tank, or denting of your heating oil tank. If you see any of these signs while making your inspection, you need to replace your heating oil tank sooner than later. Exterior signs of damage are strong indicators of interior damage to the tank. If you notice these signs of tank damage, call the pros here at Hollenbach Home Comfort Services for a consultation on a replacement heating oil tank.

Leaking from the Tank

Tiny holes and small cracks are often the very first major tell that your heating oil tank is corroded from the inside. Don’t ignore the following signs that could indicate cracks and holes in your tank:

  • Wet spots appearing around oil tank
  • Oil puddles forming near the tank or on its piping
  • Strong heating oil smell in or near your home
  • The legs of your oil tank are weak and unstable

A major sign of how much integrity your heating oil tank has is the condition of the legs. If the legs of your heating oil tank are weak, that means your heating tank’s overall health is bad. You can have the legs replaced, but more often the wiser choice is to just replace the heating oil tank itself.

Exposure to Harsh Weather/Elements

As a homeowner in the Greater Tamaqua Pennsylvania area, you know how brutal the elements can be. If your heating oil tank is on the outside of your house, it is critical to protect it so the elements can’t get inside or damage it. Whether it’s ice, rain, or snow – you don’t want the elements to get inside your tank, contaminating the fuel, and damaging components.

Drops in Oil Efficiency

The efficiency of heating oil can decline over time, especially when your heating oil tank is getting older. And if you’re dealing with poor oil efficiency in your Greater Tamaqua home, be sure to reach out to Hollenbach Home Comfort Services to schedule a service call at (570) 668-1428.

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