5 Tips for Spring Energy Savings in Eastern Pennsylvania

After a long, cold winter, Greater Tamaqua homeowners are likely ready for spring’s arrival to bring warmer temperatures. But even though colorful blooms and outdoor activities are a welcome change, occasional cold snaps are reminders that this transitional time is perfect for saving on home comfort and heating oil. Hollenbach Oil has you covered with five spring energy-saving tips.

Spring Energy Savings Tips in Eastern Pennsylvania

1. Weatherproof Your Home

Taking simple steps to keep your home at a comfortable temperature can help you save money and heating oil, plus avoid heating or cooling the outdoors! Easy weatherproofing includes caulking windows, insulating doors, making necessary roof or wall repairs, and cleaning gutters. Homeowners can easily handle most weatherproofing tasks. But in some cases, like window replacement, hiring professionals who can ensure the job will keep your home at the temperature you want year-round may be necessary.

2. Get Started on Spring Cleaning

Surprisingly, some deep house cleaning chores can also help lower your energy bills, and spring is the ideal time to refresh your home. Replace any old heating or cooling system filters that make it hard for air to pass through ductwork and lower your energy consumption significantly. Dusting electronic equipment helps it run more efficiently while cleaning vents improves air circulation, so your system doesn’t need to work as hard; the same strategy works for refrigerator coils. Dusting lightbulbs even saves energy and money by making rooms brighter, so you won’t need to turn on as many lights. Also, consider using energy-saving LED or CFL bulbs, which use 75 to 80 percent less energy.

3. Book Your Spring Heating Tune-Up

It’s easy to charge into the seasons ahead without giving a thought to the past winter or coming fall. But now is the time to schedule routine maintenance for your furnace, boiler, or oil burner. Minor issues can develop into larger ones throughout the year, and a spring tune-up means your heating system will be ready to go when fall rolls back around. Additionally, a well-maintained heating system uses less energy to push heat into your home, lowering monthly energy bills. Parts will also be less likely to wear down with annual maintenance, meaning a longer equipment lifespan for your furnace or boiler. Contact us today to schedule your spring tune-up!

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4. Change up the Menu

Spring is officially the time to fire up the grill again to cook just about anything you can imagine! From meaty main dishes to savory vegetable sides and even sweet desserts (s’mores, anyone?), you’d be surprised by how much you can save cooking on a propane barbecue grill or over a fire pit. And hosting a cookout is the perfect way to bring friends and family together outside. If you’re not into grilling, changing your diet to include more salads and sandwiches makes for a refreshing springtime change and more money in your wallet.

5. Watch Your Water Usage

Fill up the dishwasher and washing machine before running them. The more dishes and clothes you load these appliances with, the less water you need and the more money you save! Showering at night is also helpful because it can cool you down when the weather’s warm and help you relax for a better night’s sleep. You can also let your hair air-dry and save the electricity you would have used with your hair dryer or other appliance.

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