How to Avoid a No-Heat Situation in Your Pennsylvania Home

Having no heat is no fun! Luckily, avoiding a no-heat situation can be easy when you take a few simple steps to ensure your heating oil fuel levels are topped off, and your systems are in the best condition possible to withstand the cold.

To learn more about our top heating oil fueling tips to ensure that you don’t run out of fuel in your Pennsylvania home this winter season, keep reading! If you need any assistance completing any of these suggestions, contact Hollenbach Home Comfort Services today. We have you and your home comfort covered; no matter how low the temperatures drop!

9 Tips to Reduce Your Risk of a No-Heat Situation

1. Keep an eye on the weather.

If you know a cold snap or blizzard is coming, check your fuel oil storage tank to make sure you’ll have enough home heating oil to get you through the storm. Nothing is quite as stressful than wondering if your heater will continue to stay on during icy winds and storms.

2. Sign up for automatic heating oil delivery.

The easiest way to ensure you’ll have heat when you need it is to sign up for our convenient automatic fuel oil delivery service. We’ll remotely monitor your tank, keep an eye on the weather for you, and deliver oil before your tank runs empty. The best part about automatic fuel delivery is that it doesn’t cost you any more—simply contact us to get enrolled today.

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3.  Install a programmable thermostat in your home.

Having a programmable thermostat will help you reduce your fuel oil usage, helping it to last you longer and provide more sustainable heat. You can program your thermostat to reduce a few degrees when you’re sleeping or away from the house, giving you more range per tank of home heating oil you order from us.

4. Regularly check tank levels if you’re a will-call customer.

If you are on will-call oil delivery because you prefer to manage your own fuel storage tank levels, be sure to check your tank gauge regularly so you know when you’re starting to run low. Remember to account for delivery scheduling, so you should order oil when your tank is no lower than 1/4th full. And always remember, you can order oil easily on our website!

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5. Keep a path shoveled to your heating oil fill pipe or outdoor tank.

Whether you’re on automatic delivery or will call, you can help our delivery drivers by keeping your driveway and fill pipe clear of snow, ice, and debris. This will ensure your fuel deliveries can make it to you on time, every time. Plus, it keeps your favorite local fuel providers safe, too!

6. Schedule annual routine preventative maintenance for your heater.

Booking an annual heating system tune-up is the best way for you to make sure your home heating oil furnace or boiler will work when you need it to. We recommend Pennsylvania customers book system tune-ups at least once per year.

7. If your heating system would be old enough to drive a car, consider an upgrade.

Like any technology, heating equipment declines over time. The longer you have a home heating furnace or boiler, the less efficiently it will work, and the higher chance you’ll have of experiencing breakdowns. If your heating system is more than fifteen years old, it may be time to consider an upgrade.

8. Arrange for a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your house if you’re traveling.

If you’re going away for the holidays, arrange for a friend or neighbor to drop by your home regularly to ensure the heat is still working properly. When the heat stops working in an unattended home, you can face expensive problems, such as frozen pipes and bursting pipes.

9.  Mark or cover red emergency switches in your basement so they don’t get switched off.

Red emergency switches for your heating system are typically found at the top of your basement stairs, and they look almost identical to light switches. It’s easy for these to get switched off in the dark, resulting in your heating oil furnace or boiler not working until they are turned back on. Cover these switches with a piece of tape to avoid a no-heat emergency.

We Are Here for You and Your Family

Kick back, relax, and remember that as our customer, you’re always protected. Also, our sister company, Hollenbach Plumbing and Heating, can provide you with service and maintenance to help you keep the heat on, along with emergency oil burner service to keep you safe and warm. Please feel free to call us anytime for assistance.