How to Read Your Oil Tank Gauge

As cooler weather is setting in, it’s important to ensure you know the basics of managing your home heating. If your home heating is fueled by heating oil, checking your tank level is essential to figuring out when to place your next oil delivery and ensuring your home stays warm, comfortable, and safe throughout the winter months. Are you familiar with your oil tank gauge? Anyone can learn to read a tank gauge, and being comfortable reading the equipment could save your Pennsylvania home and family from a no-heat emergency. For your benefit, we’ve compiled a list of the essentials to help you read your gauge and better understand your home heating. Keep reading to learn how easy the process of checking your oil level is.

Checking Your Oil Tank Gauge

Thinking of placing your next heating oil delivery with Hollenbach Oil? We are excited to have the opportunity to serve you and your home this heating season; however, before you pick up the phone to schedule your next will-call oil delivery, check your tank gauge. This will help to reduce the likelihood of you encountering a no-heat emergency, help you avoid unnecessary deliveries, and give you a better idea of how soon you need a fuel delivery. Let’s get started.

The Process: How to Read Your Oil Tank Gauge

Reading a fuel tank is something anyone can do. Don’t be intimidated—reading the gauge is easier than you think. Just follow these three simple steps to reading your fuel level, and you’ll be an expert before you know it.

1. Approach your oil tank.

They are usually stored in the basement of your home. If your tank happens to be outside, be sure to clear snow and debris from the area and off the tank.

2. Find the small glass cylinder or dial on top of the tank.

The gauge will show a small marker according to how full your tank is. It can be at any of the following levels: Full, ¾, ½, ¼, or Empty.

3. If your tank is at or below ¼, it’s time to place your oil order!

Deliveries can take up to a few days, so you don’t want to wait any longer, or you’ll risk a fuel runout.

  • Pro Tip: Reading an oil gauge is just like reading the gas gauge in your car! Keep this handy trick in mind while inspecting the fuel level of your tank.

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The Alternative: Automate Your Fuel Deliveries

Is checking your oil tank storage levels becoming a hassle during your busy schedule? We have a solution for you. If monitoring your fuel and placing will-call deliveries every time you need a refill is troublesome, leave it to the professionals at Hollenbach Oil. We offer automatic fuel delivery for our oil heat customers. Our precise system calculates your average fuel usage history with current weather patterns to determine your next fuel delivery date, which we will automatically dispatch for no additional costs. Don’t wait to take advantage of our incredible automatic delivery perks.

  • Reduce the risk of a fuel runout
  • Worry less about monitoring your oil
  • Save with various payment options
  • Get greater peace of mind from a full tank
  • Let us take care of scheduling your deliveries

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