Why You Should Enroll in a Fuel Delivery Payment Plan

Home heating during the winter in Pennsylvania can prove expensive. If you’re an oil delivery customer in the Tamaqua area, we’ll bet that you’re looking for a way to ease your home heating fuel payments. It’s true that, throughout late fall and winter, residents pay lump sums for the oil that keeps their homes cozy. However, there’s an easier way to pay for your fuel—a budget plan.

At Hollenbach, our SmartPay Budget Plan is simple and convenient.; We’ll estimate your annual heating oil usage and divide our low price into monthly installments. This way, you’ll spread out your annual heating oil costs evenly over 12 months, giving you better control of your monthly bills. You’ll no longer worry about calling to order, as all budget plan customers enjoy automatic delivery.

Everything You Need to Know About SmartPay

What are the benefits of a budget plan?

There are several benefits to enrolling in a Hollenbach Home Comfort Services‘ budget plan, but one stands out: low monthly payments. What’s best about SmartPay is that it spreads out your home heating oil payments over the entire year. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for fuel over the span of a couple of winter months, you’ll pay bit by bit throughout the year. We guarantee that these payments will be equal and predictable.

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How is my monthly bill calculated?

We’re proud to use reliable technology that accounts for your previous annual heating oil usage, the predicted winter temperature, and your home heating preferences. We take these numbers and multiply your predicted annual gallons by an estimated annual market price, dividing the total into equal monthly payments. You’ll pay a low, predictable monthly amount with a reconciliation in June, 2023.

How can I pay my monthly bill?

We aim to make things easier for our customers, so we offer several ways you can pay your bill. If you’d like to come into the office, you can pay your bill in cash. You can also send a check—or, if neither of these methods sounds good to you, call us and we will happily process a credit card.

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Enroll in a Budget Plan Today

If a budget plan sounds like the perfect way to ease your home heating expenses, get in touch with us to enroll today. Our enrollment for the SmartPay Budget Plan stays open until September, so don’t wait! You could start saving today.