Top Signs Your Heating System Might Need to Be Replaced

When cold weather arrives in Pennsylvania, your heating equipment needs to be ready to keep things cozy. Its performance not only affects your home’s comfort; it also impacts your household spending. High-efficiency heating systems have proven their value in operation, safety, and cost savings. But what are the signs to look for to know when it’s time to retire your existing system for a newer model? Read more to find out!

5 Signs It’s Time For A Replacement

Strange Noises or Smells

If you’re starting to hear banging, clanking, and other out-of-the-ordinary noises, that’s the first tell-tale sign your system may need to be replaced. Also, interesting stenches coming from your system often indicate the need for a replacement.

Uneven Heating

Do some rooms in your home feel as though they’re at different temperatures? If your thermostat reads a typical temperature, but your home isn’t evenly heated, that can indicate the decline of your equipment’s operation capabilities.

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Higher Energy Bills

As your heating system ages, its efficiency decreases. Consistently climbing heating costs, without extreme weather or household size increase, is a sign of decreased fuel efficiency. New models can reach efficiency ratings of up to 95, which means significantly reduced heating expenses and long-term savings on your energy bills.

Dusty or Dry Air

An ineffective heating system can produce excess dust or cause drastic changes in air humidity. Regular maintenance will improve indoor air quality, but over time, a replacement is the only surefire solution to dry and dusty air.

Increased Repair Frequency

Like anything, your heating equipment will need repairs as years of wear and tear go by. If your system has constant issues, consider investing in a new high-efficiency system that will save you frustration and money in the long run.

Running Exhausted Equipment Puts You at Risk For:

  • Expensive and stressful equipment breakdowns
  • Reduced fuel efficiency, sucking money out of your wallet
  • Discomfort for your family or business if the heat gives out

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