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About Us

Our story is unique.

Fifty years ago, our dads (Jon and Jay, Sr.) were operating their own businesses. One a funeral director, the other a plumber. They became acquaintances and later friends through their dedication to volunteer firefighting. Sure, they came from different worlds, but they had jobs that required the exact same commitment that is demanded of fire fighters: 24-hour on-call service, and reliability for getting the details right.

Jay and I were raised with these same virtues and eventually became partners in each of our family businesses. In time, we fostered a friendship much like our dads did all those years earlier.

But Jay and I wanted to take it a step further and begin a new adventure, something to which we could each bring our unique skills and talents. So we became business partners in delivering home heating oil, and to it we are bringing the same commitment that we already know is so important: 24-hour availability, and the need for getting it all right the first time.

As an energy service company, we know it’s our responsibility to provide you with a quality product and service that’s second to none. Through our association with Jay Hollenbach Jr. Plumbing and Heating, we can also maintain your heating system to keep it operating at peak efficiency.

As for our dads? They still clock the hours with their businesses and are going strong. They also seem to spend an inordinately large number of hours making sauerkraut, but that’s another story.

As for us? It’s our job to ensure that you stay warm and comfortable. We provide our customers with support around the clock and we will do it with diligence, gratefulness, and professionalism.

Just like our parents taught us.